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Tuesday 12 June 2007

FATHER'S DAY, this Sunday June 17


Just a reminder that this Sunday June 17 is Father’s Day and if you need some great ideas as to what to get for your great dad, here are a few suggestions:

- bird feeder, a west coast cedar bird feeder for attracting all the birds in dads backyard, or how about a nyjer bird feeder to attract the beautiful bright yellow American Goldfinch. A new hummingbird feeder that does not leak or attract bees and ants might be good for dad.

- a hammock to help dad relax.

- binoculars, a new lightweight and clear set, instead of that heavy old set.

- how about something for his garden, like a birdbath.

- something practical, such as a big bag of his favorite birdseed.

- if you are undecided there is always a gift certificate so he can choose the right gift.

Many other great gift ideas for dad and we are open Sundays noon to 4:30.
Happy Father’s Day!

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