We’re Hiring

We’re Hiring
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Saturday, 22 September 2007

Cougar sighting at Morrell Sanctuary, September 20

Hello all,
Late Thursday afternoon, Bev and I were walking Morrell Sanctuary Park and were not too far onto the trail when we had a Cougar sighting - the cat actually crossed the trail only about twenty yards in front of us (very close!). Within a few minutes, our good birding friend Pete came along on his bike and after explaining to him what we had just seen, he went looking for it on the bike. We surmised that it was hitting towards Tranquility Trail and sure enough, Pete arrived back in a few minutes telling us that the cougar was sitting right on the trail and he that it just loped away down the trail away from him. It was a large, mature, healthy looking animal. What was surprising was the animal's nonchalance towards us in that it did not seem to be in any particular hurry to leave. I think he knew who was in charge. We warned the people with dogs and kids for awhile then posted the sighting on the bulletin board and a sign in the park.
Sorry for the delay in reporting this, but I had a phone call this morning (I had left my phone number at the park) and he advised that it should probably be reported to the proper authorities but I was assuming Pete may have done this as he lives near the park. At any rate, you might want to let the birders that walk the park know. You may have someone else's number that would be interested in knowing this. There was also a bear sighted in the park on the same day.

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