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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Parksville/Qualicum Beach Tuesday bird walk, April 10, 2017

The Tuesday Bird Walk went to the Plummer Road side of the Englishman River in Parksville. The morning was mostly sunny with calm winds. We saw numerous Rufous Hummingbirds perched at the top of the bushes at the start of the walk. A Lincoln’s Sparrow and a first of the season Chipping Sparrow were seen close to the trail just across the river. Several flocks of Surf Scoters, White-winged Scoters and Long-tailed Ducks were seen heading down the strait. A flock of thousands of Surf Scoters, White-winged Scoters, Bufflehead, Brant and Greater Scaup were roosting on the Strait just past the Art Gallery. A Common Murre, a Pigeon Guillemot, Pacific Loons and Common Loons were seen further off shore. A Eurasian Widgeon was spotted in with a flock of American Wigeon on the ocean side of the estuary. An Orange-crowned Warbler was seen low in the bushes next to the trail.

Chipping Sparrow: Ralph Hocken Photo:

Fourteen birders saw and heard the following sixty-four species:
Canada Geese
American Wigeon
Eurasian Widgeon
Northern Pintail
Green-winged Teal
Harlequin Duck
Surf Scoter
White-winged Scoter
Black Scoter
Greater Scaup
Long-tailed Duck
Barrow’s Goldeneye
Common Goldeneye
Common Merganser
Red-breasted Merganser
Pacific Loon
Common Loon
Red-necked Grebe
Horned Grebe
Common Murre
Pigeon Guillemot
Brandt’s Cormorant
Pelagic Cormorant
Black Oystercatcher
Great Blue Heron
Bald Eagle
Mew Gull
California Gull
Thayer's Gull
Glaucous-winged Gull
Northern Flicker
Pileated Woodpecker
Northwestern Crow
Common Raven
American Robin
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Orange-crowned Warbler
                                                      Yellow-rumped Warbler
Cassin’s Vireo
Marsh Wren
Brown Creeper
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Rufous Hummingbird
Anna’s Hummingbird
European Starling
Spotted Towhee
Song Sparrow
Golden-crowned Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
Brown-headed Cowbird
Lincoln’s Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
Red-wing Blackbird
Dark-eyed Junco
Purple Finch
American Goldfinch
Pine Siskin 

Cassin’s Vireo: John Purves Photo:
The Tuesday bird walk on April 18 will be going to Springwood Park in Parksville. Meet at the Parksville Community Park at the Parking lot near the Lions Club Kids Playground at 9:00 a.m. or at the west end of Despard Avenue at about 9:10 a.m.

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