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We’re Hiring
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Saturday, 17 November 2012

"White Wagtail update"

Hello Fellow Bird Watchers & "Twitchers",   
This morning we again visited the site of the WAGTAIL off the Dyke road.As we first  reported on Wednesday Nov:14th @ 11:30.(See previous report BCVIBIRDS )

 We had a repeat sighting today,same 'place,same 'time.(Sorry you 'just missed it Neil & Marilyn. It was up the farm track a little further toward the burn piles.)

It was mixed in with a few sparrow species,mostly GOLD- CROWNED SPARROWS & FOX SPARROWS feeding on the ground,under the bushes,sheltering out of the south wind. Also a NORTHERN SHRIKE darted in for a 'strike at a wounded GOLD-CROWNED SPARROW while we were standing watching.'Gotta love those 'butcher birds at work.

 Upon closer examination and longer looks at the wagtail, the bird appears to be a juvenile,but, the facial pattern is similar to a"WHITE WAGTAIL"(Moncilla alba) juvenile.


Light silvery gray back, two wing bars,very pale white from the forehead right down the neck,to the breast areas.  No other colour noted.

                                     But, with NO sign of a breast band!!

(This is why we thought  juvi; YELLOW WAGTAIL at first. As per Sibley's bird guide.)


The bird also has long 'Black legs NOT 'Flesh coloured(As per Nat;Geo;bird guide 4th edition) A thin 'Black beak,with a slight eye line was noted.

It constantly wags its long tail,with white edges,as it runs and walks around catching insects on its own.We now believe this could be a "WHITE WAGTAIL" (Moncilla alba)


               No pictures were taken by us, at this time.    A bird of interest ?


                 ------------- GOOD BIRDING/TWITCHING EVERY ONE -------------



For those visiting the edge of this large rural farmers hay field a telephone number is on the 'For Sale' sign on the side of the farm road to obtain permission.

Please be very considerate to this local farmer,the crops etc.& wildlife.  Thank you.


David & Adel Routledge,




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