We’re Hiring

We’re Hiring
Share your enjoyment and passion of feeding the birds. Help others to connect and enjoy that same enthusiasm as you do.
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- ability to lift 20 lb bags of seed for our customers
- positive, energetic, enthusiastic and willing to learn
- flexible schedule and able to work weekends
We provide training so you can provide informed advice about feeding the birds and our quality products.
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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Just recieved and email of a YELLOW WAGTAIL seen at the Courtenay River Estuary on November 14. Please let us know if you have any further sightings.

"Hello Fellow Bird Watchers,

        The excellent autumn weather today produced a really good bird sighting.
First we went down to the Courtenay Estuary. Going along the Comox Courtenay road from Courtenay we stopped at the sewage pumping station parking lot, on the right hand side. Directly across the road is a dirt farm road heading north thru the trees,with a large 'For Sale' sign posted. Up this farm road 100 meters there is a steel cable blocking vehicle access. Going under this we noticed an unusual gray and white 
medium sized bird bobbing its very long tail (With white outer tail feathers) Walking around in the mud and grass catching insects on the left hand side,just passed a small pond.It was quite tame and allowed us to get within 10 meters of it in excellent sunny/light conditions.The field marks and 'G.I.S.S.'suggests this was a first year bird. 
It did fly, in an undulating flight (Woodpecker style) And gave out a distinctive call, a very sharp loud descending buzz.We stayed around for a while and it returned to its original feeding spot while we watched it for over half a hour.
Having experienced the Wagtail species in Sussex,England, fifty years ago! It was great to see this type of bird once again in Canada. A good V.I.'life bird for both of us."

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